ACTING OUR AGE: Celebrating Two Years

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ACTING OUR AGE: Women’s Lives at 85+ has just reached a milestone. Two years ago this month, we clicked SEND and we were launched!

In the past 24 months, we’ve shared 30 posts, telling the stories and highlighting the life perspectives of women aged 85 – 105.

It’s been a wonderful journey!

THANK YOU … to the women who kindly opened their doors and shared their stories … the daughters, sons, neighbors, elder care professionals, and clergy who made the introductions … the people who read the emails, became our Facebook friends, and passed the website link along to their networks.

Stay tuned. We have more extraordinary women to introduce.

Warmly, Susan Goodman

5 Responses

  1. Caren

    Susan, Mazel Tov on Acting Our Age’s Two Year Birthday!! You have created such a wonderful collection of inspirational stories of women making the very most of their lives in every way and in every long lived year! Thank you for this special gift of wisdom and persistence and love!! xoxocaren

  2. Alison Conant

    Susan – congratulations on having your blog for two years! Wow! Loved reading about Ida — what a firecracker with a great philosophy about life!


  3. Esther

    I love reading always the lives of these remarkable women. Susan transfers their lives to us so beautifully. I learn through them. Thank YOU!

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