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            Like many Jews who grew up in Germany in the 1930s, Esther Adler has had a lifelong mission. Having been among those who survived the Holocaust, she has devoted her many talents to keeping … Continued


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        Fittingly, 90 people attended Shirley Horblit’s 90th birthday party. She was delighted that family and lifelong friends joined in the celebration. What was most remarkable were the numbers of attendees who were significantly younger than Shirley. “It … Continued

Sally at 89

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Sally Lindover shrugs when she is told that she has led a most remarkable life.            “It’s really not that amazing.”  That’s not the opinion of most who learn about her past. Sally joined the Peace Corps at age 52, … Continued

Ruth at 89

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  Ruth Gordon is eager to see the blockbuster Wonder Woman for very personal reasons. “I use to think I WAS Wonder Woman.” When the Wonder Woman comic books first hit the scene in the early 1940s, Ruth felt a … Continued

IDA AT 103

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          “Life is like a bridge game. You have to play the cards you are dealt. You can’t make faces … you just make the best of it.” These wise words reflect Ida Rotman’s life perspective. Choose … Continued


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              “I feel lucky to have arrived at this age.” Milly speaks softly and you lean in to catch every word. Even at 95, a conversation about the full life she has led would … Continued

Ilse at 89

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  ”When we stopped to think about our lives, we realized that we had no regrets. Sure, there were tough times, but we never felt that we would have lived any other way.” Dr. Ilse Leeser had this conversation with … Continued


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            If you are curious about the connection between regular exercise and healthy aging, you could consult Google, speak with your doctor, or spend an hour with Doris Aron. If you chat with Doris, you’ll … Continued

Lillian at 96

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  The Boston March for Women was hardly the first protest Lillian Savage had ever attended. It was, however, the first one she joined at age 96. A lifelong activist and former high school history teacher, Lillian knew the moment … Continued


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            Meet Muriel Baumwoll. She is proud to be one of Boston area’s newest residents. Her decision to leave New Jersey and move to Massachusetts was a long time in coming. “ They [her son … Continued


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                          Gert Kohen answered my ad posted at the local senior center, inviting women aged 85+ to be interviewed for my blog. She left me a voice message, … Continued

BEA at 105

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          I had the pleasure of meeting Bea on May 3, 2016, just 25 days before she died. She was gracious to agree to participate in my blog. I was particularly struck by her warmth, her … Continued


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            It was a chilly day many years ago when Phyllis and her friend hiked from their homes in Roxbury, Massachusetts to the Blue Hills Reservation. For just $3, the girls were able to ride … Continued

Shirley at 92

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              After spending a morning with Shirley, you too might want to be 92.  “I’m happy to tell everyone my age. I think it’s so exciting.”  Shirley has good reason to feel pleased and … Continued


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            It’s fortunate that Blanche’s kitchen table is sturdy. She’s a big believer in expressing her gratitude by “knocking on wood.” With so many aspects of her life going in her favor, there’s a lot … Continued


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              We all know people who seem always to be looking over their shoulder to see what lurks behind. These are the folks who regularly wait for the other shoe to drop. They live … Continued


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Molly sits in a comfortable chair in her Boston-area apartment as she tells the riveting story of her immigration to America. In 1938, at the age of 18, Molly sailed on her own from Heidelberg Germany. As she recounts the … Continued


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Those who believe that we stagnate and become aimless as we age have not yet met June. Allow me to introduce you! At 89, June is a terrifically vibrant woman. Aging has not required her to make many lifestyle alterations. … Continued


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There is a theme that runs deep through Peggy Munro’s life that can best be described as resilience. At first glance, it is easy to imagine that this bright-eyed, engaging woman has only known good fortune and happiness throughout her … Continued

GERTIE EPSTEIN: 1927 – 2015

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Although we have already stepped into 2016, I want to pause to honor the memory of Gertie Epstein, a special woman, who was in her late 80s when she died last year.  ~ I was, at least, a head taller than Gertie. … Continued


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I met Enid at her home in Brookline MA on a snowy afternoon. Record-setting storms had walloped the region for four straight weeks. Earlier that day, Enid had spent the morning walking to and from her town center — a … Continued


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  Rose, who requested that I not take her photograph, is a no-nonsense woman who knows what she needs and takes care of business. She is a realist. Her body is slowing down and her vision is fading. But she … Continued


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    Mimi has put all the pieces in place to make living alone manageable.


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Today’s post showcases some gems of wisdom from Phyllis, one of the amazing women previously introduced on Acting Our Age. When Phyllis’ friends bemoan their physical changes, she offers this advice: “When you stand in front of the mirror, take your glasses off!” … Continued


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“Getting old is what we all wish for. It’s good to have that desire. But it would be better if we had avenues to pursue to give our lives more meaning and to give us a reason for being.”   … Continued


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   “I have had the most wonderful life. When I was younger, I use to think that if I could no longer do cartwheels than life was not worth living. But you change. Every decade has its joys and its pleasures … Continued